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1 Copyright and permissions

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(b)  reproduce or translate a limited extract[1] of Material in other publications free of charge and without further written permission, provided the reference www.otcdrf.org or OTC Derivatives Regulators' Forum is cited as the source and, with respect to translations, a statement is included that the translation is not an official translation.

1.3  Some Material may contain references to materials from third parties, for which copyright must be honoured.

1.4  Users who maintain an external website may include electronic links to this website or any Material, provided that such links are not misleading, for instance by implying endorsement by or affiliation with the Forum or the BIS.

1.5  Any queries related to this website or any Material should be sent to [insert email address].

2 Disclaimers

2.1  Neither the BIS nor any Forum Member warrants or guarantees the accuracy and completeness of any Material. Under no circumstances shall the BIS or any Forum Member be liable for any loss, damage, liability or expense suffered in connection with reliance by any person on any such Material.

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2.4  The views stated in any Material are those of the Forum or the Forum Member named as the author(s) of that Material and are not necessarily those of the BIS or of any Forum Member who is not named as an author.

3 General

These terms are governed by Swiss law with respect to any claim or other proceeding against the BIS. Claims or other proceedings against a Forum Member shall be governed, and construed in accordance with the laws of the seat of that particular Forum Member, without giving effect to that country's choice of law rules. 

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[1] By way of guidance, a "limited extract" means any extract of not more than 400 words of text or two tables or graphs, and in any case not exceeding 10% of the relevant Material.